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I was born one night of March in Almenar, a small village in western Catalonia, where I grew up with my Catalan family. When I was 18 I decide to study Computer Science at the University of Lleida.

We enjoy while working!

After working in different computer fields I got interested in the Internet Technology world.

Nowadays, I work in the design and development of web pages. I ensure that their layout fit equally well on either mobile phones, tablets or in our desktops, what is known today as a responsive layout. My experience is based primarily on dynamic languages ​​and the use of content management systems, known as CMS. I've collaborated with other projects and I have good friends who help me in some of my tasks.

Aside from the computer, I love travelling and photography. Travelling inspires my photography and, in fact, I always try to combine these two passions, so my work have a touch harmonious and multicultural feeling.

The experiences and influences resulting from trips around the world have made me grow both personally and professionally and are evident in my work as inspiration.

Our Clients

Projectes que ens omplen...

GMI Ilerimplant Group
Pujol Torguet
Cal Gumer
La Madalena
Phoenix Therapy UK
Ajuntament de Soses
l'Escola - Centre de Formació Almenar
Ivan Pascual
Origen Bean to Bar Lleida
Industrial Piera SA
Hostelsat Industrial
Torre Santamaria
Consorci de Serveis Socials de Barcelona

Our Skills

Experience based on dynamic languages ​​and the use of CMS like
Joomla, Prestashop, or Wordpress...









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